Our Story

The funkiest cycling experience in Riyadh

We innovated the concept of indoor cycling and fused it with technology, music, and choreography. SoCycle is a 45-minute high-intensity cardio workout designed to challenge your body and mind.

Escape the stress of the day, recharge your ENERGY with a new fitness routine that will set you free and motivate you to go further every day.

We are not a gym or a regular fitness center. We are the home of the cyclers community in Riyadh and soon all the kingdom.

We like to be on top of our game, and we take cycling So, So seriously. We believe in specialty and exclusivity, and this is how we stay focused in delivering results to our community.

Come to ride with us and experience cycling in a new and innovative way. Come dance with us and let your favorite music guides you through and motivate you to push and pedal harder and faster.

The place for motivation. Intense cycling workouts that burn calories, improve fitness and get endorphins flowing all powered by energetic music and instructors. We’re in this together.

It’s not just a ride. It’s a journey

For the empowered women who are continually looking for new challenges, For the Strong women who do not follow the crowd. For the lady that wants to set her mark and go further in life.

No Limitations, No Complications.

Go Further - as we care more about delivering an innovative cycling experience with proven results.

Go Further - as we offer you technology that monitors and analyze your performance.

Go Further - as we don't you to commit to a gym membership that you will barely use.

Our Studio

Get pampered with our premium service and personal attention as we have prepared everything for you to deliver a great and fun experience. From your cycling shoes, water bottles, towels, toiletries. Everything is complimentary and on the house: Why carry a heavy bag when you can arrive, check in, clip in and enjoy the ride!

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