No matter which instructor you choose your class experience will be consistent. Our instructors will welcome you, set you up, uplift you during the ride and give you a high five at the end. Meet the stars of the show. They are engaging, creative and super fun. They are your friends, DJs, and coaches.


“Move no matter what“

Nationality : South African
Music Style : trance and rap

Born in South Africa, Arlene is an image of her country: just gorgeous. Her energy burns like the sun bringing happiness to everyone around her. Growing up in South Africa made her discover all colors and tastes of life. Before embarking on a plane to Riyadh, Arlene worked for four years as a Group class instructor specializing in Spin, Bootcamp, and Aqua. Riding a bike makes her feel free as a bird. She prepares her playlists meticulously so be ready to listen to some exotic beats. Arlene wants to give an energy boost to every rider coming to a SoCycle class!


"Strong mind equals a strong body"

Nationality : Filipino
Music Style : hip-hop, house and reggaeton

Rose believes that as long as you love what you're doing, you'll go places with it. Originally a dancer by profession, her passion for movement and creativity has brought her to the fitness industry to help women move and build stronger bodies. After teaching different fitness programs in the sunny islands of the Philippines, her pursuit for excellence has brought her to different Asian countries both as a dancer and coach. Now, she brings her island flavor to her classes at SoCycle where you'll expect hip-hop, reggaeton and house beats in a high-energy class. She'll make sure that each session will be challenging, sweaty but still turnt up!


“Be the best you can be”

Nationality : UK
Music Style : hip hop and disco

Fraga brings it all the way from London. Born and raised in Romania, she always strived to be the best of the best. A passion for fitness and music brought her to teaching indoor cycling at one of the clubs in the UK. Fraga gained valuable experience that she is ready to share with anyone up for a ride. When she discovered SoCycle, she quickly packed her bags and crossed half of the world. Making every rider recognize just how awesome they are is Fraga’s daily goal. In class, she most certainly cares about the beat. She leads with passion and relentlessness.