Some of Your Questions

Yes, you can and you should! SoCycle is a fun way to shape up and lose weight. Beginners are welcome. Make sure you tell your instructor before the class that it is your first time.

SoCycle is not a traditional "Spin" class. Our classes are powered by the latest technology allowing you to know precisely how well you are doing. Our rides are also synced with music, giving that extra push we all need. Our instructors create choreographies for every ride.

Lights off, game on! SoCycle is all about you! No judgment, no regrets. We are here to make you feel home. Our instructors will guide you through the whole bike set-up and clip-in process. As CS we will assist you with any other matter.

Everybody is different. Nevertheless, we would recommend taking SoCycle classes 3 times a week. Results could be seen within 6 to 8 weeks.

SoCycle is an aerobic activity. You will work at your own pace. We will also encourage you to "go further." We will bring your heart rate up and down numerous times throughout the class. Doing intervals will help you to get accustomed to the workload. Each time you come in it will feel more natural.

SoCycle is a full-body workout indeed! Besides the cardio dose, you also get two tracks which focus on your core and upper body through the use of resistance bands and other basic bodyweight movements. It is an excellent combo of “cardio” and “light strength” exercises.

Of course, you can. SoCycle is all-size inclusive. You will get the benefits of riding on a bike no matter your current weight. It is also a low-impact workout that is gentle to your joints.

If your body says you can, then you should! However, we highly recommend consulting your doctor first. If you have a, green-light to hop on a bike, then join us! Ask your instructor to adjust your bike accordingly. We will make it comfortable for you.

We highly recommend consulting your doctor first. Getting a green-light is essential. However, keep in mind that sitting on a bike for an extended period of time might result in some lower-back discomfort. If you are willing to give it a go, ask your instructor to adjust the bike set-up for you.

We highly recommend consulting your doctor first.

Staying fit across all fitness domains is essential! SoCycle is a Pay-as-you-ride studio, so you only pay for classes you take. Our 5, 10, 20 sessions packages expire in 1 year. No pressure!

All classes need to be pre-booked. Download our App, buy a package and book your spot. You can also pay at the Front desk. Class booking opens 7 days in advance. Classes need to be canceled 12 hours in advance without penalty.

Wearing cycling shoes at SoCycle’s classes is mandatory. It allows you to do better during the ride. It also shapes the back of your leg better. Finally, the stiff soles of our shoes make sure that your feet stay comfortable.

After every use, our cycling shoes are carefully cleaned, sprayed, deodorized and air-dried.

You can at SoCycle! Tell us your shoe size, and we will check an available pair at our Retail area for you.

All our instructors are qualified and experienced. They also have great personalities! No matter which class you take we guarantee you loads of fun and calories burned!

Fueling pre-ride is recommended to avoid being light-headed or unwell. We recommend eating 1-2 h pre-class. And do not forget to drink a lot of water during and after the class!

We always repeat: listen to your body! Feeling sore post-ride, especially after your first ride at SoCycle, is expected. Recover well by eating nutritious food and getting enough sleep. If you think that soreness will not prevent you from taking another excellent class at SoCycle, then book a class!