See below if you match the criteria:


  •   Open-minded and charismatic
  •   Inspiring leader
  •   Passionate for fitness
  •   Excellent team-player
  •   Hands-on on and off the bike


  •   At least 1 year of high-energy indoor cycling experience
  •   Preferably experience in group fitness training, such as dance

Other skills:

  •   Ability to count to the music and distinguish beats
  •   Technology-savvy
  •   Social-media/Brand enthusiast

To apply for the position, submit your CV, photo (optional) and a cover letter stating what you love about SoCycle, why you want to work for us, and how long you've been riding.

If selected, you will train for 4 weeks to become proficient in SoCycle Method. You will learn how to command a room of 20 and more people for an uplifting, personal, motivating and fun experience in each and every class.


Phone: 966 11 4752174